Commercial Framing

“Framing” is the process of building the skeleton of your commercial property. When people say a building has “good bones,” they’re complimenting the framer. All Synergy Construction buildings have “good bones” because we have a team of experienced professionals that take the time to ensure that every detail is perfect.

One detail that we take pride in is the quality of our materials. When working on commercial framing projects, it’s vital that we use the highest-quality materials. Commercial properties need to stand strong through whatever life throws at them including inclement weather.

All of our materials come from reliable sources that have proven to provide only the best materials time and time again. When you work with Synergy Construction, you can trust that your building has the best frame thanks to our knowledgeable and detail-oriented team.

A Custom Look

To help your business stand-out, you need a custom look. Customers will remember the custom entry and character-filled building as compared to a plain box-store. Work with Synergy Construction to plan and construct your custom commercial property.

How do you create the custom look you need? Don’t worry. We’re experts. We can help you determine what custom elements would fit your project and your space to leave your customers impressed.

Getting Started

If you are a business owner or developer, contact Synergy Construction for quotes on commercial framing projects. We are experts in custom commercial projects. To learn more about our favorite commercial projects, see our favorite projects below.

Think your project is too small for us? Don’t worry! Size doesn’t matter to us! Call to learn more.

Our Favorite Projects

Our favorite commercial framing projects have all involved extensive custom framing work. While this takes more time, it’s more fun for the team and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

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