Historical Restorations

As the first state, Delaware has a lot of history, which means there is a lot of history to protect. If you have a home or building in need of renovations that has been declared historical, don’t worry. Synergy Construction is an expert at historical restorations.

Our Process

Our main goal with historical restorations is to build the home from the ground up using all restored, original, or historically accurate pieces. That’s no easy task though.

With historical renovations, we have to follow all historical preservation laws to maintain the building’s integrity. This requires us to repurpose materials or source historically accurate materials.

For some projects, finding the right materials is the biggest challenge. Ultimately, every restoration transforms a piece of Delaware’s history into the beautiful home it once was.

Getting Started

If you are looking to purchase a historical home, or if you are looking to restore a historical building, contact Synergy Construction. We look forward to working with you. To learn more about our historical renovations, see our favorite projects below.

Our Favorite Projects

Our favorite historical restorations were ones packed with history and challenges. Check out our favorites from Lewes, DE. This little town is perfect for restoring and living in historic homes.

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