New Construction Homes

Synergy Construction specializes in framing new construction homes. Our team loves a challenge. We take great pride in managing complex custom projects that give us the opportunity to shine. With every project, we take our time to ensure that we don’t overlook even the smallest of details. We build strong, beautiful homes.

Our Process

Even when we are only involved in the framing part of the project, we ensure that our projects are completed with the utmost care every time.

When you decide to building your new home, you will start by drafting the blueprints. After the blueprints are created, the builder will contract Synergy Construction to begin framing the home.

“Framing” is the process of building the skeleton of your home. When people say a home has “good bones,” they’re complimenting the framer. All Synergy Construction homes have “good bones” because we have a team of experienced professionals that take pride in every well-built home.

We build strong homes. That’s why we only use the best high-quality products. This ensures that your home will stand the test of time.

A Truly Custom Home

Whether you want a few custom elements, or a completely custom look, Synergy Construction can make it a reality. Our team specializes in custom looks. We have the skills that set us apart and sets your home apart from your neighbors.

We’re more than a one-trick pony! Synergy Construction also specializes in custom cabinetry and furniture. If you want to truly make your home stand out, call Synergy Construction for all of your custom projects.

Getting Started

If you are interested in working with Synergy Construction on your new home project, contact us! We are always looking for a new challenge, so don’t be shy. Think your project is too small for us? Don’t worry! Size doesn’t matter to us!

Our Favorite Projects

Sometimes we get the opportunity to work on the project of our dreams. This beautiful totally custom home was just that for us. Take a look below. 

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